The Riemann Tensor Package

Tools for the manipulation of tensor components
Applications to General Relativity Theory
 Some tools for tensor abstract manipulation


Riemann is a Maple package for calculating components of user-defined or built-in tensors used in General Relativity. One must define the metric or the tetrad in order to calculate tensor components. Riemann tensor package can calculate scalars or components of tensors generated by the Canon tensor package.

The package has been named in honor of G.F.B.Riemann, the German mathematician who generalized Gauss work on differential geometry. Riemann's ideas were used by A.Einstein as the mathematical background of the General Relativity theory.


Only the version below is compatible with the Canon tensor package

Instalation instructions
version for Maple 9.5,10,11

Version for Maple 6,7 and 8

Maple 6,7,8
    Maple V release 5 - in the share lybrary
MapleV release 4
MapleV release 3

The Riemann package is included in the share library of Maple V release 5. To access the package, one can give the following Maple commands:


For a detailed description of the Riemann package, see:
R. Portugal & S. L. Sautú, Applications of Maple to General Relativity, Computer Physics Communications 105 (1997) 233-253.

LINKS: Gravitation and Computer Algebra

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