The Invar Tensor Package

Simplification of polynomials with Riemann tensor and manipulation of tensorial indices

The Invar Tensor Package is a simplifier of algebraic expressions that contain Riemann or other tensors. The Invar tensor package has a database build on top of the Canon Tensor Package which is fully included in this version. The database contains scalar invariants (polynomial and differential) up to Riemann^7, and up to Riemann^5 * epsilon, and up to 10 covariant derivatives of Riemann.

Version 2.1

The present version (2.1) is documented in the paper The Invar tensor package: Differential invariants of Riemann, by J.M. Martín-García, D. Yllanes and R. Portugal, Computer Physics Communications, to appear. See also

Download the current version (2.1) and related files.

The Invar tensor package runs on top of Maple 9.5, 10 or 11.

Version 2.1 has interface with GRTensor.

There is a version for Mathematica at the website MathematicaInvar.

Version 1.0

Download old version (1.0) and related files. See the readme_v1.txt file for details.

Version 1.0 is documented in the paper The Invar tensor package, by J.M. Martín-García, R. Portugal and L. Manssur, Computer Physics Communications 177 (2007) 640-648. See also the preprint version

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