The Riegeom Package

Abstract tensor manipulation

    These web pages describe an experimental version of the algorithms presented in:

  1. R. Portugal, Simplification of Tensor Expressions Obeying the Cyclic Symmetry, in preparation.
  2. K. Lake, N. Pelavas and R. Portugal, Simplification of Riemann Tensor Polynomials, in preparation.
  3. R. Portugal, Improved Algorithm for Tensor Simplification, submitted.
  4. R. Portugal, An Algorithm to Simplify Tensor Expressions, Computer Physics Communications, 115 (1998) 1-16.
  5. R. Portugal & S. L. Sautú, Applications of Maple to General Relativity, Computer Physics Communications 105 (1997) 233-253.
You should understand that the Riegeom Package is under development, hence many modifications will arise. No link between the Riemann Package and the new  Riegeom Package has been implemented yet.

The references describe algorithms to simplify tensor expressions that can be implemented in any general purpose computer algebra system. Riegeom Package is written in the Maple system (Waterloo Maple Inc.).

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updated: March/1999.