Analysis, Numerical Methods, and Applications of Multiscale Problems

Short Course at CU Denver

I should be adjusting this schedule during the course...

No. Date Subject
Asymptotic Expansions for Boundary Valued ODEs
1 9/9 Motivation: Boundary Valued ODEs with constant Coefficient; Numerical Analysis
2 9/16 A more general Second Order ODE and its Asymptotic Expansion
Reaction-Diffusion Problems
3 9/23 Asymptotic Expansion for two-dimensional Reaction-Diffusion Problem
4 9/30 An Estimate for Non-Smooth Domains
5 10/7 Finite Element Multiscale Functions
Modeling PDEs in Domains with Rough Boundary
6 10/14 Asymptotics
7 10/21 Modeling Error Estimates
PDEs in "thin" Domains
8 10/28 Heat Equation in a Plate: Hierarchical Modeling
9 11/4 Linearly Elastic Plate Models: Hierarchical Modeling
10 11/11 Asymptotics for Reissner--Mindlin Equations
11 11/18 Modeling Error of Reissner--Mindlin: an overview
12 11/25 Open - possible Topics: Description of corner Singularities for the Laplacian; Multiscale Functions "a la" Tom Hou.

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