Download Page of the Invar Tensor Package

Current version 2.1 (released at Apr 2008) runs on top of Maple 9.5, 10 or 11.

There are 2 versions of the database: expanded and non-expanded. In the expanded case, the simplification are faster but the database is larger. In the non-expanded case, the simplification is slower but the database is smaller.

Non-expanded database:

    Download the non-expanded case and related files (around 26 MBytes).

Expanded database:

    Download the expanded case and related files (around 56 MBytes).

See the readme.txt file for implementation details.

The complete distribution contains the following files:
     compiled code (Canon.mla)
     compiled database (InvarDatabase.mla) - around 69MB (non-expanded case) and 139MB (expanded case)
     help on line (Canon.hdb)
     external help file (help.mws)
     test file (test.mpl)
     read me file (readme.txt)

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Maintained by Renato Portugal/LNCC.
Last update:  April, 2008.